Live Music Causing Trouble for Amherstburg's Legion


Noise was the hot topic in Amherstburg Monday night.

Council heard complaints about the live music being played on the patio at the town's Royal Canadian Legion on Dalhousie St. S.

The noise complaints are coming from residents of a nearby condo building built roughly two years ago, while the legion has been at its location for 75 years and has been hosting live bands outdoors since 2008.

Legion president Laurie Cavanaugh says summer revenue from the bands helps keep the legion afloat during the slower winter months.

She says they're willing to work to find a solution.

"Last year we had a complaint from the condo owners that moved in and said the bands are too loud. So we compromised. We've moved speakers, we've done different things. Our bands are our money maker. We actually bring in a big crowd which helps get us through November, December, January, February, our slow months."

Cavanaugh says they only book low-key acts.

"In 2008 we got the patio. We got a liquor license on it and then we started doing bands. A one man band on a Sunday just to get the people out. The older people, they love to dance, they like the outside and that's what we did. It's not any heavy metal bands or rock bands. It's usually classic music."


Amherstburg legion president Laurie Cavanaugh seen on January 13, 2020 (Photo by AM800's Zander Broeckel)

She says other neighbours enjoy the entertainment.

"It's a downtown core and the only people that complained are the condo owners. We have actually had houses across the street for years. People used to sit out or open their windows with little kids in the window and dance."

Council ultimately decided to send the town's noise bylaw back to administration for further review and a possible rewrite — in the meantime the legion will not be booking any more bands.

In a separate issue, council also heard complaints regarding the noise caused by the Sunparlour R/C Flyers.

The group of about 80 members has been flying remote controlled airplanes at its location on the 4th Concession since 1975.

That issue was deferred as well until the new noise bylaw is brought before council for discussion.

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