Man taken to hospital after chasing student into Oshawa elementary school

Durham region police car

For the second day in a row, Police have had to deal with a person in distress, at a school

On Thursday in York Region, we learned details of an attack on a kindergarten student by a man with a curtain rod.

On Friday, Durham Police revealed they'd arrested a 45-year-old man for an incident at a school in Oshawa.

It was around 10:45 on Thursday morning at Corpus Christi Catholic Elementary School, when police were called for a disturbance.

Reports indicate the man was seen by staff, praying outside of school property. Shortly after, he chased a student into the school.

That's when a principal stepped up and removed him from the building, however, the man wouldn't leave the school grounds.

Eventually, he was taken into custody, under the mental health act.

The man is a parent of a student, but not the one he chased into the school.

Police say no students or staff were hurt in the incident.