Millions expected to apply for financial help due to COVID-19

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There are stark new numbers this morning on the millions of Canadians expected to be laid off because COVID-19.

Sources speaking to the Globe and Mail say the federal government is preparing for four million applications within the first two weeks of its new relief fund.

The Prime Minister announced the new Canada Emergency Response Benefit to help workers who've lost income. It launches April 6th and will pay $2000 per month for four months.

CRA officials tell the paper they're expecting three million applications in the first week and another million the second week.

Meanwhile, new analysis by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives suggests two million workers have either already been laid off or are at immediate risk of layoff.

They say the unemployment rate has likely already doubled or more and that the rate in March is on track to be the highest in 70 years.

The group says, in Toronto alone, over 260,000 could lose their jobs.

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