Mobile vaccine clinic makes stop at Heritage Festival

People at the Heritage Festival in Edmonton had the opportunity to enjoy food and culture from other countries, and get their COVID-19 vaccine.

The mobile vaccination clinic launched less than a week ago, it is intended to help get vaccines to rural communities and hard-to-reach populations in the province.

“The point of the mobile vaccination clinic is to make sure that we can reach the people who have been hesitant, the people who have a hard time getting time off of work,” said Sara Borchiellini, with Vax Hunters Alberta.

“So if they’re here already they know they can get their vaccine on the spot and they’ll be taken care of right away by the staff here.”

Borchiellini was at the festival to help spread the word that the clinic was there for people. She said it would take people under 40 minutes to get their shot.

The mobile clinic is funded by the provincial government and a coalition of Alberta businesses. Anyone wanting the clinic to come to a workplace or event can visit the Business Council of Alberta’s website.

The clinic had both Pfizer and Moderna vaccines available Saturday, according to Borchiellini.

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