"My friend found her son's lifeless body." Teen killed in shooting was innocent

Jonathan Davis

Jonathan Davis had just begun his final year of high school.

Friends say he was a quiet young man who like to stay home and play video games. He helped his mother with his two younger sisters and like to spend time with his father.

Police say Davis was innocent, in the wrong place at the wrong time, when gunfire broke out outside his home in Mississauga on Saturday evening.

He was shot dead. Five others were seriously hurt.

Police say seven suspects fired semi-automatic weapons at a parkette outside an apartment building near Goreway Drive and Morning Star Drive.

They think the suspects were targetting a group shooting a rap video at the time.

Family friend Selma Alincy has started a GoFundMe Page to help cover Davis' funeral costs.

She writes, "my friend found her son's lifeless body on the ground."

Alincy says Davis was on his way to his father's house when he turned around to change his shoes. That's when the shots rang out.

The family of one of the injured, a 13-year-old girl, says she was inside her home when she was hit. The bullet went through the window.

Police say more than 100 shots were fired. So far, there have been no arrests.