North Bay Humane Society rescuing dozens of dogs from the U.S.

The North Bay Humane Society is seeing quite the influx in dogs, as the shelter is taking in dogs from Kentucky.

"What’s happening in the U.S. is just an overabundance of complete healthy, happy adoption-ready animals but they just don’t have enough homes for them," said Janet Bredin, North Bay's shelter manager. "They don’t have the same spay-neuter services we have up in Canada. They may still euthanize for population control which is a very real concern. So when we say we’re rescuing these dogs and these adopters are saving their lives, it’s a genuine claim."

Upon arrival in North Bay, each dog's health is checked by a veterinarian along with their behaviour before being sent home with its new family.

So far, 34 dogs have arrived from Kentucky and another 15 will arrive this weekend.

"The shelter will organize which animal they want to send, and put them on the transport list," Bredin said.

"Right now, the North Bay Humane Society has volunteer drivers that drive down to Kingston. The dogs have about two days in transport completely. It is pretty stressful for them, so when they get back to the North Bay Humane Society it’s a little bit time-consuming for us to get them cleared for adoption."

Staff at the humane society told CTV News throughout the pandemic, there have been more people wanting to adopt dogs than the number of those available.

So far, the dogs that have arrived from Kentucky are all in the process of being adopted.

"What’s happening is we bring them in staggered like that to be able to facilitate the adoptions as quickly as possible," said Liam Cullen, the executive director of the North Bay Humane Society. 

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