Paediatric Oncology Unit gets $12K from Car Show


The paediatric oncology unit at Windsor Regional Hospital has received financial help, thanks to some car lovers.

$11,000 — plus a personal cheque for $1,000 from someone attending the show — has been donated by the Corvette Club of Windsor to help pay for equipment.

The money was raised during the car show this past June at Dieppe Gardens.

Co-ordinator Bryan Hansen says it is a worthy cause to support.

"I think a lot of us in the club have been touched by cancer, one way or the other, whether it is children, whether it is family, whether it is friends. Everybody in the club has been touched by it  so we decided the money should be going to the kids." says Hansen.

Director of Philanthropy at Windsor Regional Hospital Foundation Gisele Seguin says the money will be used for capital needs.

"They know there is some significant expenses related to equipment, everything from vital signs, monitors, to chemo chairs in that unit and that is going to support those needs."

Seguin says at any given time, there are 40 children in Windsor-Essex battling cancer.

"It is heartbreaking but they get the best care and you got parents who have just learned to be really flexible and work with us," she says.

The club has donated a total of $46,500 to paediatric oncology since 2011.

The car show has been going on since June 2006 and has also supported the Alzheimer Society, the Children's Wish Foundation, the ALS Society and John McGivne Children's Centre.