Police think someone may be poisoning animals in Markham

York Regional Police hat

Is someone putting poison out to kill animals in Markham?

That's something that York Regional Police officers are hoping to find out, after an 11-month-old St. Bernard/Poddle mix, ate something and died on Thursday, near St Brother Andre High School.

Officers say he dog named Hugo, was being taken for a walk, when he came across what appeared to be a water bottle cut to resemble a bowl.

Doing what dogs do, Hugo went in to investigate and eating whatever substance was left in the bowl.

Shortly after, the dog turned violently ill, and later died.

Police still aren't sure what the dog ate, but admits this looks very suspicious.

Still, they don't have any suspect details at this time, and say the substance found in the water bottle will be sent for testing.

If anyone has any information, they are urged to contact York Regional Police.

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