Possibly, the begining of the end of Dundas?

Dundas St

Talk has started about scratching the name Dundas, from Toronto.

Back in the late 1700's, Henry Dundas was in favour of abolishing the slave trade, but added the words gradual to the legislation, concerned it would negatively affect the economy.

But because of that word, hundreds of thousands of slaves had to endure another 15 years of abuse.

Toronto city staff have sent a report to the Executive Committee, on where we should go when it comes to possibly re-naming Dundas Street, Dundas Station and Yonge-Dundas Square.

There will be a consultation period with the public, offering four options.

The first is do nothing at all, which is something the staff is recommending against.

The second would be to retain the legal street names, but adding in interpretation and recognitions.

The third is retaining the legal street names, but re-naming civic assets with Dundas in the name, except for TTC facilities.

And finally, to scratch the name from everything, putting a new name in its place.

Toronto Mayor John Tory released the following statement on which option he prefers.

"I started this process to review Dundas Street because I believe it is part of confronting anti-Black racism in our city - past and present.
I believe the City Manager's report makes it clear we have to move forward on how we deal with matters like street names and other civic assets with a properly structured process, taking historical evidence, public sentiment and practical implications into account.
I believe the public consultation will help us to begin to move forward in a way that hears first from Toronto residents directly, including members of our Black community.
But I want to be clear that while we are looking at this Dundas issue, we also remain very much focused on making real change now when it comes to confronting anti-Black racism and making sure our city is tackling systemic racism in all aspects of our government, including in policing."


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