Rally Calls for Teamwork to Fight Climate Change


A rally in Windsor is calling on everyone to get on the same page when it comes to battling climate change.

Around 30-people gathered at Charles Clarke Square in downtown Windsor Friday night, taking turns speaking and chanting slogans in support of action. Canada declared a climate emergency earlier this year with Windsor and Essex County joining nearly 500 other cities following suit across the country.

But protester Catherine Owen says everyone still isn't on board nationally and internationally and that needs to change.

"I know with Canada it seems like different parts are very interested and other part are not," she says "Globally, you have different areas that are much more interested than others, but, all around the world people are feeling the effects of climate change where they are having these extreme weather events. So I effecting people directly and I think it's creating more momentum."

A large portion of the group was comprised of area high school students, something that's not a surprise to Owen.

"For some of use that are older the worst effects; we won't be here anymore. The younger people realize that things have to change now so they do have a future," she says.

The event was organized by the Citizens Environmental Alliance.