Recovery continues two years after devastating hit-and-run crash

It is the two-year anniversary of an accident that changed the lives of Tristan Roby and his mother Abby Roby, and he continues to recover from the life-altering injuries.

There are setbacks and small victories in Tristan's recovery. Two years ago he was struck by a vehicle while riding his bike on Exeter Road.

The severe brain injuries he sustained led to months in hospital, and there are continued complications even now.

“He made so much progress and then with all the health issues he had, it kind of put him back a bit,” says Abby.

Because of the pandemic Tristan was unable to start treatments as planned in 2020 at Parkwood, then in the fall of 2020 he began experiencing seizures, which lasted several months before the right medication was found

“This year he spent probably 40 per cent of his time in the hospital, so that has been a logistic nightmare as well.”

Now with these latest setbacks behind them, the recovery begins anew. Abby says Tristan is making strides.

“He does a lot of random things now, he’ll strum a guitar, he laughs at videos now which is something he didn’t do before. So he’s a lot more engaged in what’s going on.”

And after receiving their second dose of vaccine this week, a planned trip to Michigan for stem cell treatment can hopefully be booked.

“He’s really come a long way, he’s still just a little trapped in there, so hopefully the stem cells will help.”

Abby says they will also be moving in September to a new apartment, and later this week, celebrate Tristan’s 20th birthday.

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