Salthaven shares video of owl suffering from rat poisoning to warn public against its use

A Great Horned Owl was found near London, Ont. suffering from secondary rat poisoning. (Salthaven/YouTube)

Salthaven Wildlife and Education Centre is warning the public about the dangers of rat poison after a Great Horned Owl died an hour after being turned in. 

The sanctuary shared a short video of the female owl they received that was suffering from the effects of rat poisoning.

Officials with Salthaven say the owl likely was poisoned by consuming a rodent that had consumed rat poison.

In the video the owl is seen in distress struggling to breathe.

The owl was found just outside of London and turn into the sanctuary, unfortunately she died an hour later.

“Unfortunately, there was nothing we could do for this owl. She died within an hour of being admitted to Salthaven,” read a tweet from Salthaven.

“But there is something you can do: don’t use rat poison! It kills raptors, our allies in controlling the rodent population.”

The video can be found by following this link, but a warning some viewers may find it upsetting.


Warning: this short video may be difficult for some to watch. We feel it is important to share to help raise awareness about the impact of rat poisoning.

It shows a great horned owl in distress. She was found just outside of #ldnont. #Salthaven

— Salthaven Wildlife (@salthaven_org) January 14, 2021

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