Shirley Manson On Self-Harming: 'Don't Be Daft'


Shirley Manson of Garbage has an important message for young people who self-harm: “Don’t be daft.”

The rocker took to Instagram early Tuesday to share her experience as “a teenage cutter.” Manson, who turns 53 next week, recalled how boyfriends messed with her self-esteem and caused her to deface her body with razors and penknives.

“I thought I was unloveable. I thought it was all my fault. I thought I deserved it,” she wrote.

Manson advised: “Don’t put up with s**tty behaviour from s**tty people who hate themselves more than you might hate yourself. Don’t be cruel to your beautiful body like I was. Be grateful for it. Enjoy it and [its] extensive powers.

“Honour your face . Honour it because it is yours. And because it tells your authentic, true story. There is power in that. So much more than you know now.”

Last year, Manson wrote about cutting in The New York Times.

If you or someone you know are self-harming, click here to talk to someone who can help.