SIU investigating a shooting interaction between Toronto police and civilian


Ontario's Special Investigations Unit (SIU) confirmed Sunday morning that an interaction overnight, involving a Toronto police officer and civilian downtown, was a shooting. 

The incident occurred near Queen Street and Vanauley Street, west of Spadina early Sunday.

A mini van was pinned into a building wall by a police cruiser. 

At around 1:30 a.m., Toronto police spotted a car believed to be stolen in the area of Vanauley Street and Queen Street West near Queen Street and Spadina, according to the SIU.

According to preliminary information, it is believed that the vehicle turned north onto Vanauley street and the east into a lane way.

The driver of the suspected stolen vehicle then made a U-turn in the lane way and the vehicle became involved in a collision with the police cruiser.

It was evident the van had suffered some damage to the driver's side door and front end.

The driver, confirmed as a 43-year-old man,suffered serious injuries and taken to a trauma centre.

Investigators also confirming the victim was shot by a police officer. 

The SIU has assigned four investigators, two Forensic investigators and one collision reconstructionist to investigate.

with files from CP24