Stella Maris Parent Concerned Over COVID-19 Notification


A parent at Stella Maris Catholic Elementary School is calling for a faster response time when it comes to notifying families of a positive case of COVID-19.

As you've heard on AM800 News, parents and close contacts were notified late Tuesday of a positive case of the virus in a student at the school on Girard Street in Amherstburg.

Speaking on the Dan MacDonald Show on AM800, this mother says her daughter is in the class of the student who tested positive and says her family found out about the case before being notified by the school.

"And we had to call the school to find out what was happening and what their plan was," she says. "We kept her home from school as a precaution because we knew there had been a positive case."

The mother, who chose not to be identified, says her daughter is now in self-isolation for 14 days.

"We have her in her bedroom. She's basically in her bedroom for the 14 days but we have a shared bathroom so unfortunately we're basically having to clean the bathroom in between and she wears a mask if she is coming out of her room."

Because of the situation, the mother tells the Dan MacDonald Show she isn't sure what this means for the future of her daughter's school year.

"I 100 per cent think that everybody in the household should have to self-isolate ad right now that's on the table," she says. "And right now that's on the table, we're not 100 per cent sure if were sending her back or not. This was the first day of school that she was in contact with the positive case."

School boards are required to notify of a positive case and the affected student's class will have to self isolate for 14 days. 

Parents can find more information about confirmed cases of COVID-19 on both the WECDSB website as well as the GECDSB website.

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