Suspect in mob killing found dead in Mexico

Michael Cudmore

Hamilton police say Michael Cudmore, wanted in the murders of a Hamilton mobster and an innocent woman in Woodbridge, is dead.

Cudmore's body was found in a vehicle along the side of a road in Mexico. It's not clear how he died or when.

Cudmore fled to Mexico in 2017 following the killings of Angelo Musitano and Mila Barberi. 

Police say Barberi was an innocent victim, shot dead in a car. It's believed her boyfriend was the target.

Police believe Cudmore went to Mexico to meet Daniele Ranieri, a person of interest in the murders.

Ranieri was found dead in a ditch in March of 2018.

Another suspect in the murders, Daniel Tomassetti has not been found. Police say he too fled to Mexico. His family says they don't know where he is but they believe he's scared.

A third suspect, Jabril Abdalla, was arrested in 2018. He's expected to go to trial but a date has not yet been set.

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