Toronto Christmas Market increasing prices to hopefully even out large weekend crowds

Christmas Market

The Toronto Christmas Market will be increasing prices this year, in an attempt to ease the massive crowds on weekends, as well as offset the cost of new attractions and a traffic management plan. 

Last year, tickets at the door and in advance were $6, but the price will go up to $8 for advanced and doubled to $12 the day of this year. 

"So dissuade some people from going on the weekend, but those same people can go for free during the week where we have the capacity," creator and executive director Mat Rosenblatt said. 

Rosenblatt said roughtly 60 per cent of the up to 625,000 to 650,000 people who attend the market at the Distillery District show up on the weekends. 

"There's a lot of traffic backup, pedestrians all over the street outside of the Distillery and we want to do a better job managing that," he said. 

There's also an option for a $30 premium pass in which you can skip the line. 

Rosenblatt said the new traffic management plan will include more frequent transit around the area, more formal passenger drop-off areas for guests and ride-sharing companies, as well as designated event parking.

"All of this together should hopefully mean a little bit less frustration and a little bit more holiday joy," he said, adding the plan costs around $400,000. 

This year's edition goes from November 14 to December 22nd. 

The market will give free admission on the first two opening weekends to anyone who brings eight cans of food to donate to the Daily Bread Food Bank. 

He added there will also be more attractions, including lighting enhancements. 

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