Transit Master Plan Calls for Major Overhaul of the Bus System


A Transit Windsor master plan is calling for a major re-routing and investment of the city's bus system.

The plan called 'More Than Transit' will be presented before city council on January 20th.

It looks at the future of Transit Windsor and how to improve it including more efficient transit routes, more buses, bus shelters and facilities.

Dillon Consulting reviewed the current 14 bus routes and concluded that it does not align with the travel patterns of many riders.

The report calls for Transit's operating budget to jump 75% in the next five years.

Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens says this is the time to invest in transit because of available federal funding dollars — so for every dollar the city invests in transit, it works out to 27-cents on the dollar due to funding from Ottawa.

Transit Windsor Executive Director Pat Delmore says the report recommends a major overhaul of the system.

"It's calling for a full revamp of our routing system with a goal to streamline our routes so that they travelling more on a grid pattern and with more frequent service," he says.

Delmore says the answer is not just more buses.

"It is not only about having the buses but also the frequencies. Right now we have certain times of the day where we don't have a high enough frequency and if a passenger has to transfer,   and then wait for that transfer, it prolongs their travel time," he notes.

Delmore says the plan looks at possible investments up until 2028.

As of 2018, annual ridership at Transit Windsor was 8,182,290.