UWindsor President Wants to Build on Comprehensive Institution


The University of Windsor's new president knows there are difficult choices to make, but wants to listen and learn first.

Dr. Robert Gordon comes to WIndsor Wrom Wilfred Laurier University in Waterloo and prior to that, ran the agriculture department at the University of Guelph.

Gordon says he's impressed by the diversity of the university and hopes to enhance the role as a regional economic engine.

"And recognize the fact that we do have an international context for faculty, what they do in research and our academic programs" explains Gordon. "But supporting the economic needs of Windsor Essex is a key priority and I think that's what differentiates us from many other universities."

Dr. Gordon says the institution has fiscal challenges, and there will have to be hard decisions down the road.

"I think there are opportunities to think outside the traditional approach in how we deliver post-secondary education and be really successful at developing a pathway for longer term financial sustainability" says Dr. Gordon. "And again I think that's an exciting opportunity through partnerships, through relationship building as well."

He says listening and learning is his first priority to understand the university properly.

"Certainly I look forward to absorbing as much as I can.  It's my commitment and certainly working with the leadership team at the university" explains Dr. Gordon.  "But again hearing from what our community, both internal to the university and externally, say in terms of where we need to go as a university is going to be really important to us."

He says there are still some capital needs for the university like the renovation of the law school and construction of the athletic facilities.

Dr. Gordon made his inaugural speech to faculty, staff and students today at the Alumni Auditorium.