Vehicle owners are being reminded to not park in assigned spaces


Vehicle owners are being reminded to not park in assigned spaces, building residents pay for.

Many locals have voiced their concerns on social media that the spots are for residents only.  

Speaking on AM800's The Morning Drive, Coordinator of Parking Services Bill Kralovensky says this is a common issue, especially in high-rise or community housing.

"When you get into your lease most places charge for your spot so they put your unit and your apartment down. Visitors mostly, will disregard these and park in these spots so we get called and we get called for these for enforcement numerous times throughout the week."

Kralovensky says those who park on private property will be given a warning before fines or tickets are issued.

"There is a fine for this, it's called parked on private property without consent, but before we do that we try to go out there first of all and the first time would be a warning. We need to make sure that there is proper signage and the offender is warned they can't park here."

Kralovensky says lack of signage can be the reason people will occasionally park in an assigned spot.

He says places such as Devonshire Mall have reserved spots that are clearly labeled.

"This happens at Devonshire Mall, it's the same thing, they have the family parking spot, the pink ones with the baby buggy, and we get called out there. Devonshire Mall we've been to multiple times so we know that the signage there is correct and there is plenty of warning."

 Those who park in these assigned spaces can be issued a ticket if it's not their spot.

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