VIDEO: A Downburst, Not Tornado, Hit Amherstburg


It wasn't a tornado that damaged a large area southeast of Amherstburg Friday afternoon.

Officials with the Northern Tornados Project, a partner with Environment Canada, visited the area Saturday and determined a downburst with wind gusts up to 130km/hour hit the area.

The area damaged was about eight kilomtres by eight kilometres and affected Holiday Beach. 

Downed trees and powerlines were reported

Environment Canada Meteorologist Gerald Cheng says there is a lot of damage associated with downbursts.

"Just imagine you turn on the tap and water comes out and that stream of water hitting the bottom of the sink and spreads out and that's exactly what happens in a downburst," he says. 

Cheng says a tornado would have caused a different type of damage.

"Often times when we talk about a tornado, when we go to survey the damage, you can see the damage  is limited to a very narrow path and also it is pattern of the damage, how trees are swayed and the type of damage that has caused and how they are aligned."

One resident  on Concession Rd. 5 South reported to AM800 News that a roof was ripped off a home. 

Cheng pointed out the area is no stranger to severe weather and on September 25, 2018,  the area was hit with a probable tornado near Amherstburg. 

No one was hurt.