Wine Ninja: A new fun way to spread some cheer during the pandemic

People crawling across lawns dressed up in costumes, you may have noticed some weird activity in your neighbour recently and if so, there’s a possibility that you’ve spotted a Wine Ninja

"It’s nice to see the whole community coming together and the kindness everybody is bringing to everybody and it warms my heart," says Jessica Banks, who started the London Wine Ninja Facebook page.

Banks created the group about a week ago, and already there are over 7,500 members. 

The goal is to have women lift each other’s spirits with wine and other treats during what’s become a difficult time for many.

"So, you run and go to the persons house, drop it off and run away so no one sees you and when the person comes to the door they have a really nice gift on their front porch," says Banks. 

Not only do the gift bags bring smiles to people’s faces, so have all the videos members have shared of the action.

"Lots of people are dressing up in costumes like full ninja costumes, panda costumes, dinosaur costumes, so we’ve seen a lot of creativity on how people are doing their ninja adventures, it has been absolutely hilarious and so fun," says Katrina Towns, a group moderator. 

The group organizers say they’ve had so much positive feedback from women in the group, including many new friendships made, that they hope this idea serves as a reminder that you don’t need a pandemic to be kind and have some fun.

"Everyone’s having so much fun with this so after I definitely think when the pandemics done they will continue to do this."

Despite the joy and success, police are reminding everyone they should continue to be cautious about giving out personal information like their home address online and be mindful of possible 'catfish' accounts or of a group being hacked.

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