Work continues on multi-use trail at Central Park


Work is continuing on a new multi-use trail at Central Park in south Windsor.

The City of Windsor's parks department is installing 1,135 metres of trail and adding surface asphalt to the existing 410 metre long trail for a total of 1,545 metres. 

Ward 1 councillor Fred Francis says this is something he and the residents in the area are very excited about.

"The first phase really came about from an idea I had listening to some of the complaints coming in from the area. People were walking and biking and they had to do it on the street."

He says he looked into what it would cost to do a multi-purpose trail down Woodland Avenue on Central Park property.

"And it came back around $140,000 to do that. With that we created a larger trail basis that would require more money that we might be able to phase in over the years. Long story short I was able to use ward funds to begin the first phase which was the trail that runs parallel to Woodland."

Eight new benches are also being installed as part of the plans.

The work should be done and the trail reopened by the time snow falls this winter, according to city staff.

Francis says he wouldn't be surprised if the final coating is done in the spring, but that crews will get done as much as they can before the frost sets in.

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