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  • Living in the COVID Era - THE NEXT NORMAL

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  • Tuesday May 30 Hour 1 – Jim Has Issues | The Rundown | Deep Dive

    Jim Richards has some issues but crack isn’t one of them.

    On the Rundown, Brayden Akers and Reshmi Nair debate, York Catholic School Board voting against flying the #Pride Flag.

    Thomas Mulcair, CTV political commentator and former leader of the federal NDP, joins the Deep Dive discusses his thoughts on David Johnston and why he should leave graciously while he still can

  • Monday May 29 Hour 4 – YCDSB Pride Flag Meeting | Slow News Day

    We go live to the YCDSB meeting as trustees decide whether to raise Pride flag.

    Florida edition of slow news day with producer Tony.

  • Monday May 29 Hour 2 – Stoney Creek Shooting | Stellantis | Bass Hates

    Chris Lewis - CTV Public Safety Analyst and former commissioner of the OPP joins to talk about a Police officer and school bus driver both die after collision near Woodstock. Also a look at the Engaged couple shot dead fleeing landlord after house dispute near Hamilton, Ont.

    Stellantis makes counter-offer to Ottawa to salvage EV battery plant deal – We are joined by Greg Layson, Digital and Mobile Editor of Automotive News Canada who gives us eye level explanation on what is holding up the deal.

  • Monday May 29 Hour 3 – Big Tobacco | More Jim Issues | MenTELL Health

    Health groups say Provinces must seek anti-smoking measures in Big Tobacco settlement. We are joined by Senior Policy Analyst at Canadian Cancer Society, Rob Cunningham

    Jim Richards has some issues with his credit card.

    Three guys talking about Therapy on MenTELL Health. Joining Jim today, Dale Curd - is a certified executive coach with two decades of experience working with men and women and the former host of CBC’s Hello Goodbye. Co-Author of Living Lightly: Bring Happiness and Calm to Your Everyday, published by Harper Collins, is in stores now!

    Jon Carson - is a former police officer who pioneered Mindfulness Based Resiliency programs in North America's emergency service culture, which have helped workers navigate mental health stressors.

  • Monday May 29 Hour 1 - Jim Issues | The Rundown | Deep Dive

    Jim Richards has some issues and he is going to tell you about them!

    Body cameras for referees rolling out on Ontario soccer fields to stop aggressive abuse. This an more on the Rundown with Mike Kakuk and Laura Babcock.

    Lori Williams, Associate Professor,  Mount Royal University, and she talks to us as Albertans head to polls in what's expected to be very close election between UCP, NDP

  • Friday May 26 Hour 4 – Does Richard Crouse Like These Movies | Slow News Day

    Find out how Richard Crouse, CTV’s movie critic, rated these movies you can watch this weekend. NEWSTALK Tonight crew takes a guess, and you can play along. On Slow News Day with producer Tony we visit at story about a dog that can talk.

  • Friday May 26 Hour 3 – ChatGPT Privacy | Cash Stuffing | The Feels | Streaming This Week

    More Canadian privacy authorities investigating ChatGPT's use of personal information. We talk to Daniel Tsai - Law & Tech Professor TMU

    Jessica Moorhouse, Money Expert, Speaker & Host of the More Money Podcast joins us to talk about why Gen Z is ditching credit cards for 'cash stuffing' in '90s throwback.

    On the Feels it’s the feel good stories of the week? Jim tries to make the crew cry.

    Streaming This Week with TV Critic Amber Dowling – find out what you can watch on your favourite online service, this weekend


  • Friday May 26 Hour 2 – Train of Thoughts | Migrant Integration | Laura Fixes Everything

    We take a ride on the rails within Jim’s Train of Thoughts – the race continues…

    Is running through cemeteries wrong? We take your calls.

    Anna Triandafyllidou is the Canada Excellence Research Chair in Migration and Integration and she joins the show to discuss a 7-year program hopes to find out how migrants will integrate into Canadian society.

    Laura Fixes Everything. Comms expert Laura Babcock helps us manage a few crisis in the news this past week.

Reshmi Nair, host of "Outbreak: The Facts and Fiction of the Coronavirus" asks Dan Riskin, Bell Media science expert and Dr. Isaac Bogoch, Infectious disease physician at Toronto General Hospital YOUR questions about COVID-19