Carly Pearce Deletes Tweet About Arrest Warrant


Carly Pearce has deleted a tweet in which she revealed there was once a warrant out for her arrest.

On Friday, the country star posted a video in which she detailed her run-in with the law while she on her way to a promotional gig in 2017.

“I was driving through the great state, my home state of Kentucky, and I didn’t realize the speed limit went very quickly from like 70 to 35 [miles per hour] — and let’s just be real, I was already going, um, 85,” Pearce said.

She said a police officer pulled her vehicle over and issued her a ticket.

“I could tell he was, like, really annoyed, but we had to get to the show, so I didn’t look at the speeding ticket until I got to the venue a few hours later and realized I had a reckless driving ticket,” recalled Pearce.

“So I paid the ticket and thought nothing of it — and then got a call that there was a warrant out for my arrest, because I did not go to traffic school or pay the full amount of my ticket, because I didn’t realize it’s a big offence if you are reckless driving.”

Pearce claimed the police officer was a country music fan so she “bartered my way to pay the ticket and give him tickets to my show – and he dropped the warrant, or the charge or whatever you want to call it.”

The singer added: “Yeah, I’m kind of bad.”

(In Kentucky, "bribery of a public servant" is defined as when someone "offers, confers, or agrees to confer any pecuniary benefit upon a public servant with the intent to influence the public servant's vote, opinion, judgment, exercise of discretion, or other action in his official capacity as a public servant.")

Pearce said the moral of her story is to be aware of speed limits – and, “it pays to be a country singer sometimes.”

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