Phil Collins' Ex Selling Item Purportedly Signed By Shania Twain


The ex-wife of Phil Collins is auctioning a pair of portable speakers with cases purportedly autographed by Collins and Canadian superstar Shania Twain.

The white Pinel et Pinel cases and Yamaha Portable Player Docks are among the items Orianne Cevey is selling in an online auction on Wednesday.

Described as in “good used condition,” one of the cases has several “Shania” scribbles on the left side and “Twain” scribbles on the right side with a smiley-face heart in the middle.

No information is provided about when Twain supposedly personalized the case. (The description of the auction lot misspells Twain's first name as "Shanaia.")

The signatures are slightly different than a sample of Twain’s autograph at PSA Authentication & Grading Services.

The second case in the lot is purportedly signed by Collins, who also drew a cartoon drummer. The year “2010” appears.

Auction company Kodner estimates the two items will fetch between $200 and $500 U.S.

(According to Yamaha, the PDX-30 was discontinued. Various sellers online are offering the docks for between $50 and $65 CAD.)

Last month, Cevey auctioned a collection of personal items, including Gold certifications presented to Collins by the Canadian Recording Industry Association and WEA Music of Canada in the early ‘80s.

Cevey and Collins were married from 1999 to 2006 but reunited a decade later. They split up last August when Collins learned she married another man. Collins and Cevey have been embroiled in a nasty legal battle ever since.

Last year, Collins went to court to evict Cevey and her husband from his Miami Beach mansion, which was once home to Jennifer Lopez. Collins recently sold the property for a reported $40 million U.S.

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