Jimmie Allen Gives Update On Newborn Daughter's Health


Jimmie Allen said this past weekend that newborn daughter Zara “is doing a lot better” after being rushed to hospital with breathing problems.

“She’s off oxygen and breathing on her own,” the country star shared on social media. “Hopefully she stays like this and can go home soon.”

Allen’s wife Alexis shared the news Sunday in an Instagram Story that Zara was released from hospital.

Earlier, Alexis explained in an Instagram post that Zara woke up coughing while on Allen's tour bus on Tuesday night. “Knowing this is something we went through before, I decide to turn the shower on and let the steam help open her airways up a bit. Tried suctioning. Chest rubs. Nothing seemed to work,” she recalled.

“At 10:30 Zara was unresponsive in my arms and turning colour as we frantically ask our drivers to pull over and call 911. The longest 15 minutes of my life. My baby was so so tired her muscles had given up on her. I did everything under the sun to keep her awake and thank god it seemed to work. She was soon in the ambulance with oxygen and finally started to regain her colour.”

Alexis thanked the EMTs “who saved my daughter’s life” as well as the nurses, respiratory therapist and doctors at the Delaware hospital.

“Jimmie thank you for showing up & being here for your children, ALWAYS,” she added. “I truly don’t know how you do it but you always find a way!”

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