Bracebridge man wins biggest prize yet in the OSMH 50/50 raffle

Soldiers' Summer of Winning - Winner (Custom)

David Keeble of Bracebridge won big with the Soldiers’ Summer of Winning, taking home the grand prize of $55,420 in the summer-long raffle.

“Holy mackerel,” Keeble exclaimed when he heard the news of his winnings. The hard-working pest control technician was in the middle of a job when he was held in cautious disbelief, asking, “Are you kidding me?”

When he arrived to receive the cheque, a still-shocked Keeble explained that while he has played a few lotteries before, including the Soldiers’ 50/50 raffle, “I never win anything, this is so unexpected.”

He and his wife Angela are looking forward to helping their daughter, a recent college graduate, with purchasing a vehicle, and they are planning some much-needed travel to visit family on Canada’s east coast.

The Keebles have a long history with Soldiers’, dating back over 20 years to appointments prior to the birth of their daughter – who will now be enjoying a new car thanks to their big win.

“It’s so great to see such wonderful people get a life-changing amount of money like this,” said Soldiers’ 50/50 organizer, Jeff Sieger. “The ultimate goal is to raise money and support Soldiers’, but you always hope that the winners will be people that can really use the money in a good way.”

The September draw is now open, with the first early bird draw happening this Thursday, September 8th, with a prize of $500. Buy your tickets early because with a winner every week, you might be the next person to win big!

Since May 2021, the Soldiers’ 50/50 has been a huge success, with over $375,000 in prizes awarded to lucky winners from across our region.

To learn more about the Soldiers’ 50/50 Raffle or to purchase tickets, visit To learn more about the Soldiers’ Foundation or to donate, visit or call the Soldiers’ Foundation office at (705) 325-6464.