Fans React After Doll Is Thrown At Lady Gaga In Toronto


Lady Gaga fans are reacting on social media to a video clip showing the singer almost getting hit by a plush doll while performing in Toronto.

Gaga was belting out “Hold My Hand” near the end of her Chromatica Ball Tour show on Saturday at Rogers Centre when a Dr. Simi doll flew through the air and grazed the right side of her head.

Dr. Simi is the mascot for Mexican retail chain Farmacias Similares and the dolls are frequently tossed on stage during concert in Mexico.

In Toronto, a Gaga fan identified on Twitter only as Richie launched the doll, on which he had written “Mexico still loves U … paws up!” – a reference to the disappointment of fans in that country over the exclusion of Mexico on the Chromatica Ball Tour.

Gaga did not address the near-hit but, on social media, fans came to her defence.

“This is a human being. A talented, inspiring human being,” tweeted one. “Yes! Yet Lady Gaga is still a human being with thoughts and feelings. Respect her. Do not throw things. Keep your hands and feet to yourself. Do we really need to reiterate things we learnt as mere children? BE NICE.”

Another wrote: “how do some fans think this is okay... this is so dangerous and sad.”

BuzzFeed declared “This needs to stop” and Perez Hilton chimed in: ‘Even soft items - don’t throw them!”

Some fans noted that the doll could have landed in the flames that were on the stage behind Gaga.

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