Luke Bryan Shows Off Gruesome Fishing Injury


Do not scroll down if you are squeamish!

On Tuesday, country star Luke Bryan shared a video clip in an Instagram post showing his left hand impaled by a fishing hook.

“Well, this is going to leave a mark,” he says. “Pretty sure that’s in my bone.”

Bryan captioned the gruesome video: “Dammit.”

The singer was out fishing with his guitar tech Russ Garret when the hook pierced his hand. In a series of Instagram Stories, Bryan joked that he “ruined the fishing trip” but vowed the pair would be “back on the water in about 25 minutes.”

He grimaced in pain as a medical worker removed the hook – and then shared a clip showing he and his buddy back in their boat. “Got the hook out,” he said. “We’re back.”

Bryan's wife Caroline commented on the graphic video: "I leave your ass for 2 hours and this happens....damn baby."

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