BREAKING: Orillia Perch Fesitval delays start due to lockdown


BREAKING NEWS:  In light of the 4-week long stay at home order, organizers of the annual Orillia Perch Festival have delayed the opening day. The Perch Festival is now scheduled to run from May 8th until May 29th, and the early bird deadline is extended to May 2nd.

You can find more details at the website -


The 40 Anniversary of the Orillia Perch Festival is still on! But with Covid-19 restrictions, they have "jigged" things a bit to make the move to a virtual event format.

Doug Bunker joined Jason and Carey to explain the new format. Listen below:


So, while anglers will still be fishing for perch - organizers have widened the net, to foster social distancing by allowing people to virtually register perch caught anywhere in Simcoe County
They have partnered with the Computer Sciences Departments of Georgian College, Snap'd Media and several social media groups to create a virtual version of  the Orillia Perch Festival. 

Anglers will still have to catch perch - but before releasing them again they use their cell phones to submit a picture of the perch they caught.

Their phone number has a registration number(s) integrated with their submission. 

Pictures will be scanned so do not use the same perch twice, and just like previous years, individuals can only submit one perch per day. This submission qualifies anglers for their daily draw, that week's weekly draw and for the Grand Prize Draws. Adults and kids still have their own categories. 

The Tagged Perch are now in a Geofencing area which is a containment field of GPS locations of Lakes Simcoe and Couchiching and Simcoe County. Random GPS scans will locate the tag winning anglers by using their picture submission location. 

This requires all anglers to agree to the Perch Festival accessing their phone's GPS location. This method should actually increase the number of tags caught. The draws are also done by a random selection program, which runs every day starting at 7pm. As usual the more days you fish, the more chances you have to win! 

The 2021 Orillia Perch Festival runs April 17 to May 15 which offers 29 days of Fishing

Starting the beginning of April the web site will have information, a printable on line Perch Book with all the prizes and updates for participants.

This site is for registering and payment as well.

Adults $25. Kids $5.
The Orillia Perch Festival lives on in a more virtual array

The Prizes and Awards are still real!  -  You still Just Fish to Win!
General Info
Yes, they are honouring last years Paid registration, and will be contacting you soon on how to re register. 

Please read the following as how you register your daily catch for all the draws has changed:
The geographic fishing area of the Orillia Perch Festival now encompasses all of Lakes Simcoe and Couchiching and the waterways of Simcoe County. This allows anglers to submit their catch anywhere the fish. This addresses the social distancing that is needed to keep anglers under the protocols of the safe distancing. To comply with social distancing protocols certain areas like marinas, boating channels and land fishing will be blacked out as available fishing areas. Boating channels are, by law, actually non fishing areas. 
If you do not hear from us by the beginning of April please check with the Chamber 705-326-4424 or is the web site for registration, down loading of the fishing app., new rules and regulations and how to submit your catch. There's even a printable virtual Perch Festival Book with all the sponsors, prizes, fishing tips and Festival information.
They are still testing the fishing app so it is up and running to our satisfaction. Please be patient.
Note: The organizers do not foresee any further restrictions on fishing, but if some major issue does arise they will have little choice but to comply with the regional Boards of Health.

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