Feeding Families: Restaurant Edition

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Covid has affected all of us, especially local small businesses.  In particular, our restaurants are struggling.  We want to support them so they can continue to support us and our communities in the future.  

104.1 The Dock and Pure Country 106 are connecting local businesses with local restaurants - to buy meals for the food bank.  These meals will be purchased at  restaurants, frozen, and donated to the local foodbank. 100% of the proceeds go to the restaurants, but the food goes to the foodbank.

Fill out the form below to commit a $600 donation.  We will contact you to arrange an etransfer payment to the restaurant. The restaurant will create, freeze and deliver 40 meals.  

We hope to contact you within two business days of receiving your submission 


Why can’t I donate less than $600?

We are essentially the middle man connecting the donor to the restaurant.  This program works because we don’t ever touch the money, it’s etransferred.  We can’t ask the restaurants to keep track of and wait for multiple donors to etransfer money.  For this reason we need a donor to purchase 40 meals at a time, which is why we have primarily asked for business donations.  Alternately, some listeners have collected money from neighbourhoods, family, hockey teams and co-workers and come to us once the $600 is collected.

Why do you use franchise restaurants?

It’s been wonderful to see the response to this program and frankly, we have more donors than we have restaurants.  Franchises in this area are owned by local entrepreneurs, do a lot of community work and are trying to keep their staff employed.  Yes, we are trying to support smaller businesses, but when you purchase meals and a franchise makes them, those meals are STILL going to the foodbanks.  If you know of a small restaurant that needs support, PLEASE, tell them about this initiative and encourage them to sign up.  If you specifically want to support a restaurant, that HAS signed up, please email meg.whitton@bellmedia.ca

Can I choose the restaurant I want to sponsor?

Unfortunately no.  We’ve learned we have to use the restaurants who have come to us.  Many folks have wanted to sponsor a particular restaurant and we’ve spent weeks trying to contact that restaurant to no avail.  Since we are running this program alongside our regular responsibilities, we must make it work as efficiently as possible.  We use the restaurants who have signed up and give repeat business to restaurants who were easy to work with and communicated well. 

Do the meals go to my local foodbank?

Yes.  We keep the purchasing business, the restaurant and the foodbank in the same community.   Eg. An Orillia business buys meals from an Orillia restaurant for a foodbank in Orillia.  Feeding Families has split Simcoe County into 6 regions




North Simcoe

Collingwood/Wasaga Beach/Creemore/Stayner

Springwater/Oro Medonte/Elmvale



If you’re a restaurant interested in joining the program, please fill out the form below. Please note, we are accepting a limited number of restaurants at this time, and will contact more restaurants if the program expands in the future. We will contact you within two business days of receiving your submission 




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