Glitter Beer in Muskoka!


Clear Lake Brewing Company and  Al Truistic's Beer Bread Bakery (Gravenhurst)  have partnered and have been working together on collaboration brew, the proceeds of which will be donated to Ontario Parents Advocating for Childhood Cancer or OPACC for short.  

Ontario Parents Advocating for Children with Cancer's primary goal is to support those families who face a diagnosis of a childhood cancer, it's treatment and whatever outcomes may be.  Peer Support is an important part of helping families heal.  I know first hand the value of peer support and my businesses goal is to, in time sponsor the administrative budget for OPACC, Charities are businesses, not-for-profit but still a business and there's a cost of doing business.  By taking that burden from OPACC it will allow them to focus the funds they raise to help their fragile families.

OPACC's colour is gold and September is their big month, so shortly we'll be canning said beer and spreading the word about OPACC, encouraging awareness and of course sales!! 

Here's the fun part!  It's a golden brew.   Truly golden.   A glitter beer!  

Folks will be able to buy the beer at the Brewery and at (in Barrie) and we can offer free delivery* (in the area, and rules apply) of a case or more. 

In Barrie at

Or you can order it online


Glitter Beer...get your sparkle on!

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