Hey Central Ontario - you up for a fun but epic sign war?


Sign wars. It's a Covid thing.

We aren't sure where it started, but we know they are having a lighthearted battle of the signs in communities across the province - and it's time for Central Ontario to get in on the action!

Trevor Cork, one of the owners of Speedy Glass in Listowel, is the man behind the sign war in that community.

“It started probably about a week ago, I saw a post that went viral on Facebook from Virginia in the states, and I thought what a great idea! And I knew our town of Listowel would absolutely rock it,” said Cork.

On Monday, the town’s Speedy Glass Repair posted on their Facebook page that the local Dairy Queen had taken up the challenge. 

The two businesses are less than 20 feet apart, across a parking lot - and both business owners are having some fun dragging out their ladders and letters to come up with quick witted replies to each other.

So Simcoe-Muskoka - are you up for the challenge?

Put a message on your business sign and post a picture of your sign on social media using #CentralOntariosignwars so we can all follow along. We just ask that you keep it lighthearted and fun!

Pictures taken from Facebook, CTV News

sign war speedy 2

sign war dq 2

"It honestly almost brings a tears to my eyes," Cork said. "To be able to create that feeling of happiness it’s amazing."

Speedy salty sign

DQ salty sign

Other businesses are also raising the stakes, throwing their signs into the ring.

The situation has become so heated that the fire department has even stepped in with their own sign.

fire sign war

Response to fire department


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