Roundabout coming to 93 and Vinden in Midland


Construction is to begin this week on a new roundabout in the Midland area - and the prospect of having to use the traffic feature has residents conflicted.

A two lane roundabout is being built at the intersection of County Road 93 and Vinden/Golf Link Road, as part of Phase 3 of a four phase project to upgrade County Road 93 from Hwy 12 in Midland to Thompson's Road in Penetanguishene. 

The upgrades - which also include wider shoulders, improvements to traffic lights, and a multi-use trail connecting the two municipalities -  have been designed by taking  the needs of vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists into acount.

In a 2018 study done for the county, CC Tatham and Associates engineers compiled a collision history for the 93 and Vinden/Golf Link intersection. Between 2008 and 2012, there were 30 collisions, or an average of six per year. They noted that there were no apparent road design or sight line issues that would result in unsafe drving conditions and the relatively high number of collisions reported there.

Read the full report here.

According to that report, some of the benefits of roundabouts are reduced travel speeds, better traffic flow, fewer fuel emissions and improved safety. 

Statistics from the Region of Waterloo safe roads website show a 51 per cent decrease in collisions with injuries and fatalities, and a 35 per cent drop in total collisions where roundabouts have replaced traffic signals. Waterloo Region built its first roundabout in 2004 and now has more than 35 on regional roads.

But some residents in Midland-Penetanguishene have concerns. Some are worried that the area's first roundabout will actually create confusion and an increase in accidents, and others question the wisdom of spending $7.8 million dollars during a pandemic.

The entire project is expected to be complete by October 31, 2022.


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