Springwater invests in safety for residents, visitors

CICX SaveStation

The Township of Springwater has become the first municipality to launch a full SaveStation community program, in an effort to save lives.

Under the program, the township's Automated External Defibrillators into highly visible SaveStations that are designed for public use, and available 24 hours a day, year round.

Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) is one of the leading causes of death in Canada, and can affect anyone, anywhere at any time. When someone experiences this condition,  911 , CPR and the availability of an AED to provide a shock to the heart if necessary are all critical tools to increase the chance of survival.

While AEDs have become more accessible in public spaces such as schools, arenas and municipal buildings, most are housed indoors. However, a large percentage of cardiac arrests happen after hours when buildings are closed, meaning that the AEDs are inaccessible. Every minute without an AED, the chance of survival drops 10 percent. 

Each outdoor SaveStation features a weatherproof AED cabinet that provides real-time feedback on the device’s ready-for-use status as well as a climate-controlled environment and backlighting. Upon cabinet opening, a visual and audible alert will sound, a camera will begin taking photos, and a text message alert system will automatically notify a group of volunteer responders.

The new outdoor units are being installed in a dozen locations around Springwater:

Anten Mills Community Centre

Doran Park (Tennis Courts) and Doran Park (Baseball Field)

Elmvale Community Hall and Elmvale Library

Grenfel Community Centre

Hillsdale Community Centre

Midhurst Community Centre and Midhurst Library

Minesing Community Centre

Phelpston Rink

Tree Nursery Sports Park

Existing interior units will be updated with consistent SaveStation signage and cabinets.

The cost of the project totals approximately $33,000 which was made possible through private sector donations to the annual Springwater Swing Charity Golf Tournament.

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