This is what happens when you get a Covid Ap Alert


You may have noticed the Morning Show sounds a bit different.  Meg tells you why....


On Friday my Covid Ap alerted me that I’d had contact with someone who’s tested positive in the last 14 days.  


This really shocked me!  In the last 14 days I’ve had 2 indoor appointments, both masked, 1 take out lunch on a friend’s deck and my family and I knocked on 4 doors on Halloween night - all outside.  


Here’s what happens next.  I booked an appointment online for a Covid test at the Sperling Drive site:


Kudos to those involved in this set up.  It was flawless.  There were appointments open all day - I was even able to cancel my appointment online and book another an hour later.  I arrived and was greeted by a staff member standing on my car's passenger side to ask my appointment time and direct me where to go.  I couldn’t have gotten lost.  There’s only one path to drive.  When it was my turn I pulled into one of 5 parking spaces where a nurse in full PPE came out, gave me the test while still in my car and handed me a scantron code to access my results in 24 to 48 hours . 


It was so smoothly run!  Within 24 hours I’d learned I was negative.  Phew.  Now though, just to be safe, work has asked me to broadcast from home.  If you hear any funny noises that’s just the water heater.  


Tomorrow, what to do when your identity is stolen!

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