Police, coast guard warning of changing ice conditions


March is here and the ice surface on Georgian Bay is starting to show that spring is not far away! Uniform members of the Southern Georgian Bay Detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP)Christian Island Detachment of the Anishinabek Police Service APS) along with our partners at the Canadian Coast Guard (CGG) would like to remind all ice surface users that ice surface conditions will soon be starting to change near the towns of Midland, Penetanguishene, Tiny Township, Christian Island and the surrounding areas.

Every year at this time we remind outdoor recreational minded community members that spring is near and to be aware that ice conditions can change quickly, this year is no different. The Great Lakes Shipping Routes open on or about March 22, 2023 and there is an expectation that the CSL MV Frontenac will be soon moving from her winter mooring at the ADM mill in Midland harbour after a Canadian Coast Guard breaker clears a path in from the big waters of Georgian Bay. Ice surface users should plan to expect ice breaking operations into Midland Harbour anytime around March 18, 2023.

More updates will follow but in the meantime, cottagers and ice surface users should plan ahead if this activity will have an impact.

When ice breaking activity does occur please stay well clear of the area and leave the ice surface if possible to ensure your safety and that of the ships crew. EMS personnel and the shipping crews Thank You!

If you travel out onto an ice surface always remember that  "No Ice Is Safe Ice"  . You need to be aware of current, past weather (storms) conditions and of any recent or upcoming commercial ice breaking activity along with checking with area residents/riders who have "local knowledge of ice conditions". The following web sites are a must see for those who travel on ice surfaces- Cold Water Boot Camp along with https://twitter.com/OPP_News/status/1342817627077488641 

Simple rule is - If you don't know- Don't go! Is it really worth the Risk to yourself and Emergency Services?  

Police remind snowmobilers that an essential part of the enforcement job is to save lives and reduce injuries on our trails, through community partnerships we educate the public about safe driving practices - #Never Drive Impaired - https://youtu.be/gSX_LGoNiHw and enfrancais https://youtu.be/0x8yi_98u8s