Spirit of Giving Radiothon 2021

We've proudly partnered with RVH once again for a holiday season fundraiser in support of patient care.

Our goal is to raise vital funds to support the future of patient care as well as the more immediate priorities which include:

  • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)
  • Intensive Care Unit (ICU) 
  • Breast cancer services such as upgradingMammography equipment
  • Continue to invest in the Simcoe Muskoka Regional Heart program

The last 19 months, has put even more of a spotlight on the importance of investing and supporting advancing healthcare. In our region, it has particularly highlighted the importance of continuing to ensure exceptional patient care is always available at RVH, in the moments that matter most.

To Donate

Before or after November 24th:

Supporters can make a donation NOW until December 31

On November 24th:

  • Text to give by texting “DONATE” to 1-855-715-2089
  • Phone (705) 720-1991
  • E-transfer



Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

  • (NICU) 1 in 7 babies born at RVH require extra specialized care in the NICU.
  • Right now, there is only 35 square feet available for each newborn, their incubator, their specialized equipment, their RVH care team and their family.
  • The RVH NICU currently has 12 bassinettes in the open concept space.
  • This layout does not provide the ideal amount of privacy, which families need during such a critical time where challenging moments and conversations are often had.
  • Best practices require nearly five times RVH’s current designated space.
  • RVH needs to expand the NICU to provide space and privacy for families to comfortably provide the most vital medicine – a loving touch.
  • Your support will help RVH with its plans to ensure the NICU can go from one common room to separate private care rooms for newborns requiring specialized care.
  • Private rooms allow for family to be with their newborn in a soothing, private space, where they can comfortably be together. o RVH needs and wants baby and family friendly spaces which provide privacy, and the best environment to bond and heal.
  • Private rooms will also allow sufficient space for today’s modern medical equipment, medical care teams, loved ones and baby.


  • RVH’s mammography equipment sees a lot of traffic with almost 100 tests performed a day.
  • Due to the high usage and because of equipment age, RVH’s mammography equipment needs to be replaced to avoid downtime due to maintenance issues.
  • All four of RVH’s mammogram units are at the recommended replacement point.
  • Mammography equipment is essential to women’s health; early detection saves lives.
  • Breast cancer typically produces no symptoms when the tumor is small and most easily treated, this is why screening is so important for early detection.
  • Since 2012, there have been over 6,700 patients with breast cancer supported at the health centre.
  • Last year 20% of visits to the RVH Simcoe Muskoka Regional Cancer Centre were for Breast Cancer.
  • Your support will help RVH with its plans to replace all four mammogram units.
  • This will ensure RVH is able to avoid downtime due to maintenance.
  • New technology will also provide another level of advanced imaging and increased level of comfort for the patient due to updated paddle technology.


Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

  • Expanding RVH’s ICU was a priority for RVH prior to the pandemic.
  • While RVH’s team is world-class, the ICU space is older and lacks the ideal space for all the equipment, medical professionals and care providers needed when a patient is in the ICU.
  • Many of RVH’s spaces are close to 25 years old, donor support will also help to update and revitalize patient areas and improve healthcare experiences.
  • With an expanding regional role RVH needs more room in the ICU for more patients.
  • Over the past year, RVH accepted and cared for 220 patients who were transferred from hospitals that had reached capacity in the GTA. During the most challenging waves of the pandemic, RVH’s critical care transport team made heroic efforts to ensure these patients received exceptional care – in some cases life-saving care.
  • Although we were able to rise to these extraordinary challenges, the fact still remains that our ICU was operating above capacity even before the pandemic, with equipment and space in dire need of updating.
  • RVH does not currently have a critical care step-down unit. When a patient is out of immediate danger they require ‘step down’ care, which also relieves some pressure from ICU.
  • With your support, RVH will expand the number of ICU beds.
  • RVH will build a critical care step down area, to care for up to 15 patients and relieve some pressure from ICU.
  • You’re building infrastructure, funding new equipment and resources that ensure we can continue to provide the best care possible.


Cardiac Care

  • Thanks to support from donors, in January 2018, RVH’s advanced cardiac care became available at RVH, and RVH’s Cardiac Intervention Unit opened. o Having these advanced cardiac services, and a highly-skilled team at RVH, means that now the majority of patients in Simcoe County will be able to get lifesaving intervention within 120 minutes of a heart attack.
  • Getting to an advanced cardiac centre in a timely manner is important for better outcomes relating to heart episodes.
  • Heart attack patients in the region now have access to the ‘gold standard’ of care thanks to the Simcoe Muskoka Code STEMI Protocol, first introduced to the county and Rama First Nation in November 2020.
  • This protocol was gradually implemented throughout the region and is a partnership between RVH, the County of Simcoe Paramedic Services, Rama and Muskoka Paramedic Services and area hospitals. This protocol means that most residents with heart attack symptoms who present to an Emergency department or who call 911 are taken directly to RVH where the advanced heart team is waiting for them.
  • RVH is well positioned to deliver advanced cardiac care. Since January 2018 when the regional heart program opened, RVH’s cardiac team has completed just over 9,100 heart procedures including angiograms, angioplasty and pacemaker implants.
  • Cardiac care continues to be a growing healthcare need for our residents.
  • Cardiac care continues to evolve rapidly – with your support RVH will continue to invest in its Heart program, to remain state of the art.


RVH North and South Campus Expansion

  • Our community is growing rapidly – more than 170,000 people are expected to move to our region in less than 20 years. In response, RVH is planning a bold future to meet the healthcare needs of Simcoe Muskoka.
  • Our bold, 20-year plan focuses on an integrated two-campus model.
  • As part of our “one system; two sites” model for the future, RVH will develop a new South Campus to meet the rapidly growing healthcare needs of south Simcoe County, and expand its current North Campus which will double its size.
  • RVH’s exciting plan will expand space and services, while improving access to care for the region’s residents for generations to come.
  • It’s very important to note, the North and South Campus are completely interdependent; one can’t proceed without the other. Services within the two-campus plan are integrated, not duplicated.

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