Resources for Mental Health for Bell Let's Talk Day


For Bell Let's Talk day we spoke to Dr. Nadiya Sunderji, the CEO & President of Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care.  She spoke of the changes in mental health care in the last decade and mentioned a number of resources people can access.


Her first suggestion is to speak to your family doctor or a nurse practitioner.  They can refer you to a number of free Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) programs.  I did this after the birth of my second child and was able to get about 12 weeks of free counselling.  If you don't have a healthcare provider here is a 'Next Day Appointment' program in North Simcoe.

The phone number at Waypoint for Central Intake is 705.549.3181 x238 - A REAL PERSON ANSWERED THIS LINE WHEN I TESTED IT!!  They could help direct you to services. 

The Ontario Structured Psychotherapy Program also has CBT programs. You can get a referral through a family doctor OR you can fill out this form from Waypoint and someone will contact you. Is a website that has links to The North Simcoe Youth Wellness Hub the Frontline Wellness Program for first responders.  

North Simcoe Youth Wellness Hub -

Frontline Wellness through Waypoint provides counselling for health care workers, frontline workers and first responders.,%20ON,%20CAN&hostName=

There is also the Georgianwood Program for Concurrent Disorders at Waypoint.  This is a term for anyone suffering from mental health issues who is also suffering from substance abuse - so if you are experiencing anxiety and you're using alcohol or cannabis to cope, you could refer yourself to this program.  There are In Patient options and virtual options for those who can't leave their current responsibilities.

Dr. Sunderji acknowledges that accessing the mental health support system is difficult and it's one of the biggest things health care professionals would like to address in the future. 

Other free Canadian resources for Bell Let's Talk are: Mental health presentations delivered by young people to young people.  The host talks, summits and chapters.  There are two local chapters, both at highschools - Maple Ridge and Innisdale.  BeThere program is a free, online course to learn how to recognize when someone is struggling, safely support them, and maintain your own mental health. Available in French, English and Spanish: A 24/7 e-mental health service offering free, confidential support to young people in English and French.   CMHA’s BounceBack program is available in all provinces free of charge to help people manage low mood and anxiety disorders: 

BounceBack® is a free skill-building program managed by the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA). It is designed to help adults and youth 15+ manage low mood, mild to moderate depression and anxiety, stress or worry. Delivered over the phone with a coach and through online videos, you will get access to tools that will support you on your path to mental wellness.

We hope this list of references is helpful ~Meg