sMiles for Amanda to support local social enterprise

community builders

Mission Amanda is pleased to announce that sMiles for Amanda 2022 is taking place virtually from May 6th to May 30th, and an official call for participants is being made.

Individuals can participate on their own or create a team through Race Roster at, and are encouraged to walk, run, bike, hike, kayak, or do whatever gets them moving, while logging their kilometers and posting a picture eating ice cream afterwards.

sMiles for Amanda is a run that was initiated by the University of Ottawa Medical class in 2014 in memory of their classmate Amanda Kelsall, a Horeshoe Valley resident. The annual run raises funds for various causes, and has since branched out into Amanda’s local area as well as many other runs internationally.

This year’s accumulated distance goal is to Kauai, Hawaii, which is about 7,800 kilometers. “Since this is the third year of doing the run virtually, I love that we can accumulate kilometers together towards a common distance goal,” says Sharon Kelsall, Amanda’s mom. “This year we’re ‘running’ to Kauai, and it’s exciting for us as a family because we have such wonderful memories from our family vacation there, which was 10 years ago this May. My husband John was on a Police Mission in Afghanistan for the year, so he met the girls and I in Kauai and for 10 days we hiked, went to beaches and ate ice cream; it was such a blast!” Sharon goes on to say that these fond family memories are why sMiles for Amanda has such a ‘sweet’ twist on the run this year. “We ate ice cream 14 times in the 10 days we were in Kauai, so we’re hoping that people get active, then go for ice cream and post it on social media with the hashtag

As a young woman, Amanda ran frequently and found it exhilarating. She typically ran before most people were awake, and would do a 5-20 kilometer run before heading to class for the day. “I think she felt much like Eric Liddell in Chariots of Fire felt about running, when he said, “when I run, I feel His (God’s) pleasure. It made her feel alive, it energized her, and it gave her a great sense of accomplishment!”

Participants in this year’s sMiles for Amanda are encouraged to do whatever activity gets them moving. Whether they’re counting their steps over 25-days or walking their dog, participants can be inspired by Amanda’s goal of simply getting out and being active. “Amanda had once set a goal to get out for a run every single day, no matter how tired or busy she was, and even if she could only do a 2 kilometer run, she was okay with that,” says Sharon. “That has always stuck with me and been an encouragement to me. There are times when we just don’t have the energy or there is so much going on that fitness is hard to fit in, but thanks to Amanda, I don’t feel guilty if all I can fit in is a short run or walk. At least it is something! It was good for Amanda, so it’s good for me!”

This year sMiles for Amanda is raising money for two Ontario non-profits, with Community Builders in Springwater being one of them. “The money raised for Community Builders will go
towards the building of a Peer Support Program, to help staff and trainees manage the complex mental health and substance use issues that many in the construction industry face,” says
Human Resource Coordinator Kate Zaugg.

No matter the age, anyone interested in participating are invited to register for this virtual event through Race Roster at, share their personal pledge forms with family and
friends, keep track of their kilometers, and make sure they get that “sweet treat” along the way.

If you would like ideas on getting a team together or other ways to participate, please feel free to send an email to