WATCH: Trace Adkins Debuts 'Where The Country Girls At' Video


Pitbull brings some Miami spice to country star Trace Adkins’ new video for “Where The Country Girls At,” which also features Luke Bryan.

Adkins and Bryan shot their scenes in Bryan’s Nashville bar surrounded by – you guessed it – country girls, while Pitbull does his parts aboard a yacht off Miami with a trio of female friends.

Of course, Pitbull manages to showcase Espanita Tequila (a brand he endorses) in shot glasses emblazoned with his signature “Dale!” (the Spanish equivalent of “Let’s go!”) and there are plenty of plugs for Luke’s 32 Bridge Food + Drink.

“How do you like my spot?,” Bryan asks Adkins, who replies: “Oh, I’ve played worse.”

“Where The Country Girls At” debuted on Adkins’ August release The Way I Wanna Go. Check out the video below:

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