Zirkova unites Ukrainian and Canadian spirits

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The last time Jason and Carey spoke with Katherine Vellinga, co-founder of Zirkova Vodka, it was back in February and the Russian invasion of Ukraine had just begun.

As someone who has Ukrainian heritage and who lived and worked for a number of years in Ukraine, Katherine was clearly more worried about the well-being of family, friends and the distillery staff than the business - and had pledged that proceeds from sales of Zirkova's One and Together vodkas would be donated to Ukraine humanitarian relief efforts.

A lot has happened in the past five months - including the safe escape of some key Zirkova staff, and the creation of a new Ukrainian vodka here in Canada, using Canadian ingredients and partnerships with Canadian suppliers.

Katherine explains the remarkable story behind Zirkova's new Unity vodka:


You can learn more about Zirkova Vodka here: https://www.zirkova.com/