Corey Taylor Reveals What It Would Take For Him To Quit Music


Slipknot and Stone Sour singer Corey Taylor was asked on the Marshall Podcast what it would take to make him stop playing music. Taylor responded, "It's when you stop caring that you should stop. Period. Because you're not doing it for the same reasons that you started doing it in the first place."

Taylor continued, "I talk to fans all the time and they're, like, 'What's your motivation for doing this?' and it's the same since I was 13. It's because I love doing this, I love doing music, I love making music, creating it."

The vocalist, who also written books and done a little acting, added that money is the least important reason to make music, saying, "The money's gonna come and go. If I wanted to make money, there's a host of different jobs that I could do just to make money. This isn't about that, there's something deeper. I'm glad I get to make money doing this, but it's not about that for me."

Taylor told us a while back that there is no set definition for success: ["There's no level, I mean, to success. I mean, if you write what you like and you enjoy doing it and you can come out and do it for people, I mean, that's success."] SOUNDCUE (:06 OC: . . . mean, that's success.)

Slipknot has been touring behind its sixth studio album, We Are Not Your Kind, which came out this past August.