Resident of Charlie Lake trailer park says water issues ongoing following 'do not consume' order

Notices posted on the doors of homes at the Shady Acres trailer park in Charlie Lake on May 3.

Northern Health issuing a "do not consume" order for tap water at a Charlie Lake trailer park, but even with emergency water avaible residents say the water issues have been ongoing for years.

When asked about the do not consume order, Shady acres resident Candea Wadden said she would like  "better cleaner water… water to at least use in all my stuff and cook with"

From concerns over colour to calcium content, Wadden like many others at the Charlie Lake trailer park have long given up drinking their tap water.

There are new possible problems emerging with monthly testing from the property operator highlighting multiple issues.

Eryn Collins a spokesperson for Northern Health said "This began with a boil water notice due to a bacterial concern and boiling the water would mitigate that. But further investigation also showed higher than acceptable levels of manganese which is not mitigated by boiling water… it actually exacerbates the problem, so a do not consume order was  issued out of that concern."

We reached out Matthew Karmal the CEO of Sterling Management Services for comment, but he did not return our call. However, staff that work for his company telling CJDC Sterling is delivering a letter Tuesday advising residents to not consume their tap water.That following confusion late Monday when just an information package was distributed. 

Meanwhile, residents have been supplied emergency water from Sterling. which is required by the Ministry of Health. "Particularly in the case of rental dwellings it's in the Public Health Act that a source of potable water needs to be provided," Collins said.  

But still frustrating those living in Shady Acres growing tired of what they say are ongoing water issues.

Wadden said "I’d say since we pay so much in lot fees in this park that we should be able to have a good water system in here that they can supply us with. Because the water is really bad and like sometimes I fill up my tub and it's yellow."

Sterling properties says testing is ongoing and Northern Health is reminding residents that water still can be used, but for only things like showering and laundry. However, those living in Shady Acres should avoid consuming or even brushing their teeth with it.