A dad who messed up a Dinosaur toy order has me inspired!


What are landmarks in the peace region? Well, there’s our roundabout landmark, the lumberjack statue that’s still kind of there since the fire, and that metal bear in fort st. john I’m not too sure about…Anyways, after a Dad accidentally bought a giant dino statue for his son, I’m inspired!

You heard right; Dad of the month goes to a guy In the U.K. who wanted to get a cool toy for his son, and accidentally ordered a 20-ft-TALL statue now named Chaz the Carnataur, a caurnataur basically looking like a demonic t-rex, horns and all.

I think we need one, not in Dawson or Fort St. John, but the dino park area of Tumbler Ridge! Sure they have some wooden statues, but I think they need something that's 20 ft. (or bigger!). Think about it, no one will miss the turnoff on highway 52 ever again!