Summer Walker Calls Out People Criticizing Her Over Her Social Anxiety

Summer Walker has responded to people criticizing her over her appearance at the 2019 Soul Train Music Awards. The singer -- who won the award for Best New Artist, suffers from social anxiety. When she won the award, she kept it short and left the stage. She said, ["Thank you so much. I didn't expect this. Thank you LBRN, and thank you London on Da Track. I really appreciate it."] SOUNDCUE (:15 OC: . . .Track. I really appreciate it.)

Of course, social media clowned the singer for leaving the stage so quickly. Summer took to Instagram to respond to her haters. She posted a makeup free pic, and said, "you know the scariest sh*t I’ve been witnessing is that most of the women leaving negative comments like 'it’s an act', 'I don’t have the right to act like this b/c I’m famous, 'b*tch you slow' or just flat out making fun of me for being vulnerable. HAVE CHILDREN, these women have children." She continued, "It makes me feel soo bad cause it’s clear that if the children are developing or struggling with any type of mental disorder such as anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, it’ll be brushed to the side and will never receive any treatment because it’ll just be 'an act.'"

She added, "These parents are probably so ignorant that instead of reading up on symptoms they just whoop the child 🤦🏽‍♀️ sad, my sh*t started at 6 so yes kids have it to."

On Sunday night, Summer posted a picture of herself with Ari Lennox and Wale, along with the caption, "I wasn’t even gonna go today cause I was to scared, I was literally asking @lvrngram to just get me a wrist band so I could sit in the back alone in my reg deg clothes. When I got there I doged the red carpet and tried to get escorted through the back, finally getting to my seat I had to keep sneaking to pat my underarms from sweating, for no reason other than people were looking at me."

She continued, "I kept my arms folded and tried not to be seen. by the time my name was called I couldn’t get a speech out like everyone one else from being so nervous & was shaking BUT I pushed through my #socialanxiety today and I’m really glad I did ..cause the soul train experience is something any true music lover will never forget🖤."