The Who's 1967 'Monterey Pop' Appearance Set For Vinyl Release


Coming to vinyl on October 24th is a special Record Store Day release by the Who. The Who - A Quick Live One is not being released by the band, but by the Monterey International Pop Festival Foundation label, which has also been behind issuing Otis Redding's groundbreaking set from the festival.

The Who's setlist on June 18th, 1967 at the Monterey County Fairgrounds was: "Substitute," "Summertime Blues," "Pictures Of Lily," "A Quick One (While He's Away)," "Happy Jack," and "My Generation."

Pete Townshend's overriding memory of the Monterey gig was that once again, the Who were to be pitted against the Jimi Hendrix Experience -- an act that they had performed with numerous times in England over the preceding six months: "When we went to play Monterey, y'know, (Jimi) Hendrix was doing the show at the same time. And we'd already been exposed to, what I felt, was very, very unfair competition with Hendrix in the UK, 'cause of our relationship. He was on our record label. And at that particular time, a group of London managers were trying to create a, kind of, cartel -- so every time we played he was on the bill with us. Y'know, it was just awful, y'know, trying to match to this really great, great genius."