Treach Reveals The Real Reason He And Pepa Divorced

Naughty By Nature's Treach has revealed the real reason he and ex-wife Pepa of Salt N Pepa really divorced. During a recent radio interview, Treach revealed that he was really unhappy with the way he was portrayed in Pepa's 2008 book Let's Talk About Pep and in her upcoming Lifetime biopic.  In the book, Pepa accused Treach of physical abuse when they were married. Treach said about Pepa, “We have a love-hate relationship. We good but it’s certain things that come up from her book and now it’s gonna be a Salt N Pepa movie. I’m looking at the character they got for me. They want a release and that will never happen. ‘What’s Love Got To Do With It?’ was a great movie but it wasn’t our story.”

He continued, “In the book, it says I pulled her hair. When I met Pepa, she was bald from all the dye and it was a wig on top. It’s  certain things that go on and it’s like, Yo, when did this happen?’ Tell the real story. I wasn’t no angel. I’m from the street. The character they put me out to be is a weak, savage, demonic abuser."

Treach said that Pepa admitted that she didn't read the final version of the book and that things were added to make it juicier.


Treach revealed that the real reason they got divorced was because Pepa cheated on him with a woman. He said, ”For record, I never had to cheat on her. We had broads. I had a beautiful marriage.” So when asked what happened, he said, ”When the girlfriend goes with the wife and then have their own [inaudible]."
He went on, "Naw, I just got cheated on. I didn’t have to [cheat]. I’m a man with two women."

Treach and Pepa were together for 10 years and married for one year.