Government introduces legislation to further support tenants

cjos for rent

The province has introduced legislation to help tenants adjust to new market conditions in 2023 and give them more time to seek help from the Residential Tenancies Tribunal.

A release states amendments to the Residential Tenancies Act will extend the application period for a review of a rent increase from 30 to 60 days.

The Residential Tenancies Tribunal will also be given the authority to phase in rent increase that are within market value for the condition and size of the unit as compared to similar units in the same building or neighbourhood, over three years.

Service New Brunswick Minister Jill Green says the amendments will help tenants adjust to the rising cost of housing and inflation that is being experienced throughout the country.

Government says the Residential Tenancies Tribunal helps resolve conflicts between landlords and tenants while upholding and enforcing the Residential Tenancies Act.